--What are your Soaps made of?
While each of our Chunky Soaps are unique, they are all made from saponified vegetable oils (Coconut, Palm, Safflower and/or Grade A Extra Virgin Olive) as well as vegetable based glycerin, purified water, sorbitol (moisturizer), sorbitan oleate (emulsifier), and oat protein for conditioning (wheat protein in our shaving soaps). Many have added oatmeal, aloe vera, honey, goats milk, cocoa butter, or shea butter as well. We purchase the highest quality bases we can find with these ingredients to ensure our soaps can provide the lathering, cleansing and moisturizing action we command. We add a variety of botanicals, pure clays, oxides or ultramarine colorants, as well as essential oils or fragrance to create our one of a kind, original soap designs. Exact ingredients are listed on each individual product's description page. None of our products contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), phthalates, artificial dyes or parabens.

--I see 'Sodium Hydroxide' listed in each of your ingredient lists. What is that for?
Sodium Hydroxide, or lye, is the chemical that turns oils and butters into soap. The process is called saponification. All real soaps must have it, though some may not list it as an ingredient and instead may just phrase it as 'saponified oils'. In commercial soaps you may see an ingredient such as 'sodium tallowate', which is the generic name for mixing beef fat, or tallow, with sodium hydroxide (lye). Or perhaps 'sodium palmate', which is the generic name for mixing palm oil with sodium hydroxide (lye). Rest assured, however, lye is no longer present once the saponification process takes place. 

--Are your Soaps natural?
Yes they are! Our soaps are all natural, plus some have added fragrance oils. In those cases they are 'all natural plus fragrance'. We also have an Essential Oils Soaps collection in which all are scented naturally and no fragrance oils are added. We include various natural additives to our soaps for exfoliation and skin rejuvenation (loofah, pumice, ground walnut shells, calendula petals, to name a few) and use pure natural clays for skin detoxification benefits and coloring properties. 

--Are your soaps vegan?
All of our soaps are vegan with the exception of our Honey and Goat Milk soaps, which are clearly stated in ingredient listings.

--Are your soaps soy-free? 
Yes, all of our soaps are now soy-free! 

--Are your soaps gluten-free? 
None of our soaps, with the exception of our Shaving Soap collection, contain any obvious gluten. However, since we cannot independently verify that any cross contamination did not take place-- we hesitate to label our soaps gluten free.

--Are your soaps organic? 
While Chunky Soaps are natural, they are not organic.

--What's the difference between your soaps that have essential oils vs. fragrance oils? 
Essential oils are highly concentrated compounds extracted from living plants (either from the blossom, fruit, leaf, stem, bark, wood or resin). We use only 100% Pure Essential Oils in our soaps. Many are cited for their physical and mental health benefits and are frequently used in aromatherapy. On the other hand, fragrance oils are synthetic compounds often used in perfumes or cosmetics, which are significantly more economical to use than essential oils. There are hundreds of available scents that cannot be attained by using natural oils alone. However, if you have a known sensitivity to fragrance then you're best off sticking with our essential oils soap collection.

-- What are the benefits of using essential oils?
Here are some examples of physical and mental health uses for essential oils (though The Chunky Soap Shoppe cannot independently verify this):

Lavender is said to be calming and able to reduce the levels of stress hormones. Can also help with insomnia.
Lemongrass is good to reduce pain, fight depression and also helps with inflammation and detoxing of bacteria.
Grapefruit is a natural anti-septic and can also serve to alleviate fatigue.
Eucalyptus can ease sore muscles and help clear sinuses.
Bergamot is said to improve mood and help fight depression.
Lime kills bacteria and fights infections.
Mandarin purifies blood and soothes inflammation.
Nutmeg is said to relieve pain and counter premature aging.
Orange is a mood lifter and tones up general immune system health.
Peppermint is used for pain relief and also induces firmness in muscles. Good for brain and memory health too.
Rosemary is good for anxiety, headaches and respiratory problems.
Spearmint has been used to protect wounds from becoming septic and clears spasms. Good for restoring overall health.
Tangerine soothes inflammation and promotes growth and regeneration of cells.
Cinammon Bark works as an antiseptic, good for wound healing, and helps promote healthy immune function.

--What does it mean that your products contain "No
 SLS, phthalates, artificial dyes or parabens"?
Each of the above classes of chemicals have been designated as potentially dangerous, even carcinogenic, although many in the cosmetic industry and other companies persist in using them. The Chunky Soap Shoppe avoids ingredients that contain these artificial compounds. 

--What is the difference between your bar soaps and your square soaps?
The only difference between these two soaps are the size and shape. Our over-sized bar soaps are rectangular in shape and weight at least 6 oz., while our 'chunky' square soaps are just that- and weigh 5.5 oz. Of course, each soap design is unique and will contain different ingredients, but any of them can be used in the bath/shower from head to toe, or as a hand soap near a sink. They are all luxurious and they are all delicious! All told, and when factoring in our special shaving soaps, we have a selection of over 45 different items to choose from!

--Are your soaps good for dry skin/sensitive skin?
While we cannot make any medical claims that our products will resolve your skin problems, we offer many testimonials to the fact that others seem to think our soaps work great on their skin, taking away dryness and minimizing the need for lotions. Because our soaps are natural and gentle we think they're awesome for dry/sensitive skin. That said, if you know you're particularly sensitive to fragrance then I would avoid the soaps that contain fragrance and go instead with our essential oils soaps. We also offer an 'Unscented' soap if you want to avoid scents altogether. For very sensitive skin, you should probably stay away from our exfoliating soaps containing loofah or ground walnut shells, as these might be too abrasive as they slough away dead skin cells. For an extra soothing and moisturizing cleanse, we recommend our olive oil, aloe vera, shea butter, cocoa butter and oatmeal soaps. 

--Are these soaps okay for children to use?
Absolutely! Unlike most store-bought soaps and body washes, there are no harsh chemicals or artificial dyes in Chunky Soaps.They're all natural based with skin-loving, moisture-rich ingredients (some with essential oils and some with fragrance). Kids love using our soaps because of all the great scents and colors and parents love how easy it is to encourage them to wash their hands (though probably best to avoid our strong exfoliating soaps on children's delicate skin).

Also, because our soaps are large and over-sized, it may be difficult for children to handle. In that case, it's perfectly okay to simply cut the bar in half using a large non-serrated knife. And now you have two soaps ;-)

--How soon will my order ship?
We strive to ship all orders within 24 hours, but during high peak times (holidays) it may be more like 48 hours. We ship via USPS First Class or Priority Mail, and cost will vary depending on size of order. Some large quantity orders (such as for Shower favors) may take a bit longer than this, but we'll communicate the time frame with you and get your approval first. We ONLY ship our soaps within the United States (including AK and HI).

--What is your return policy?
Due to the nature of our products, Chunky Soaps cannot be returned as they will not be able to be re-sold.The only exception to this is if the product arrived damaged, in which case it may be exchanged. Customer incurs all return shipping costs and once received back by us a new, but exact item(s) will be sent out. Please contact us at sales@chunkysoaps.com before sending back any orders.

--Do you offer gift packages?
Each of our soaps comes nicely packaged and ready to present as a gift, but we do also offer adorable gift boxes containing 3 of our luxurious 6 oz. bar soaps. Please see our Build-Your-Own Gift Box page for detailed info on this.

--Party/Shower Favors??
Yes, Chunky Soaps make awesome party and shower favors, and we're happy to customize labels to suit customer needs. In fact, we're not sure what a more appropriate shower favor would be than our luxurious and decadent soaps! Discounts are offered for large orders. Please contact us at sales@chunkysoaps.com for more information.

--Do you offer discounts?
The short answer is Yes! We actually have 2 ongoing promos:
1) purchase any 4 or more soaps and receive a Free cedar soap deck (no promo code needed). 

2) any order totaling at least $49 is entitled to any one Free luxurious bar soap ($7.85 value). You must enter code "FREESOAP" during checkout to activate this promotion.

As mentioned above, we also offer discounts on large soap orders, such as for Shower Favors; contact us at sales@chunkysoaps.com for more info.

Additionally, we post promos and specials via social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) that you won't want to miss... so be sure to follow us!